jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

Proceedings Zulia is commonly performed:

ž  They go to the bank
ž  go to shop
ž  going to find things they need or they need it (super markets orclothing stores)
ž  go to the pharmacy

future plans

right now my future plans are to graduate from engineer is as soon as I do, then get a good job and not learn a little more travelon Unamuno, also I have a family but I love when they have stability, since the economically country is not very well.

My home

  I live in an apartment in the ciudadela faria not very large but cozyhas 10 floors with a roof and floor, the green parts edificiop has a park and parking, there are 2 ways to increase or decrease by elevator or stairs.

Pre-register as follows in the URBE:

Go to the home of the university. Cancel the amount of BsF.200.00 by way of pre-registration in any of the authorized banks or at the headquarters of the University, debit card or credit card(Visa or Master Card), to which must be present the card holder mentioned.
With the bank deposit receipt, debit card or credit card, take in the information module located in the Chancellor's Pre-registration Form.
After filling the pre-registration Form, Check  it  with bank deposit or proof of payment and a photocopy of your ID rectory in the box for validation.
ž  Steps to Enrollment
ž  1 In Control study
Submit the following documents:
Black background of bachelor's degree (Bring the original to confront).
Original and photocopy of high school diploma Notes from 7th to 5th Year

        in coded format: RR-DEA-03-03.
Schedule to be registered in the Unified National System of Higher Education Entrance (RUSNIES).
Photocopy of identity card.
Original and photocopy of birth certificate.
Pre-registration Form.
Two photos from the front, passport.
Bank deposit receipt for the payment or the initial period, according to the selected payment method.
Then remove the registration form and proof of deposit.
ž  2 In the case of the Rector
Submit the registration form and proof of deposit.
Bs.F. Cancel 80.00 per student ID concept.
Bs.F. Cancel 20.00 per student insurance concept.
ž  3 Identification University
With the validated Registration Form and receipt of cash payment of student ID, contact the University Identification Department for processing.

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

My family (composition)

My family is traditional and has very strict rules, values ​​and principles.
My parents are married, I have an older brother, lived together all work, work and study well I work and my mom does that make the house and my brother and dad work full time, my brother has avery cool girlfriend.
I love my family with all its regulations.

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The future belongs to those who are still learning. Ari.

Hunger and poverty.

The famine affected much the world as high demand in that areabecause there are many street children do not have homeless people to eat and do not provide support. There are sites where you can bring these homeless people for shelter and food. This global phenomenon is caused mostly because of family problems, substance abuse and even political problems.

There are many hungry children and let us help whenever we thinkwe have 3 meals a day and who knows them, think not only us butalso not waste them all we have and they lack and yet they aregrateful for life and God exist.

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The future belongs to those who are still learning. Ari.