jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

This people in my life. Family and relationships


My mom (Odalys Rincon)
She is not only my mother is my guide, whom I owe everything I amI am for it.

My dad (Angel Barreto)
He is my joy, not a day that makes me smile, he does have goals and aspirations.

-My brother (Angel Eduardo Barreto)
He is an example for me, as I indicated to succeed.


school friends

      They are my best friends, my sisters are my confidants, are somevery special people for me are at all times, not change it foranything or anyone.

Maria Pilar y Maria Fabiola Arrieta.


college friends
      They are very good people are always helping me or just having funwith me, make my day better.

       Eduardo Camargo y Kimberly Quintero.

                        My boyfriend

he's my boyfriend, is a very special person to me, always memaking me feel good, making my days different, I love myboyfriend, is totally unique is important to me
Javier Almarza.

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